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The Keys to Trees that Please

As RANRAIL gets ready for an epic show this month, we are equally excited to share with you the latest “Tips & Techniques” videos on our RANRAIL Channel.

Dave Beazley delivered a great clinic at this month’s meeting, which you will find on the Playlist linked above, and directly below:

Dave Beazley presents Beginners Guide to Woodland Scenic Trees

Also, Dave and Tom recently met at Dave’s home layout under construction to film a “trial & error technique” video demonstrating how we all can and should “experiment” on our way to executing just the right look for our tree canopies. See it linked in the Playlist and directly here:

Tree Canopies for all Seasons Starting with Poly-fiber

And coming soon, straight from our Depot, Dave Melling and the Clinchfield Railroad refurbishment crew will demonstrate basic and reliable electrical techniques. Stay tuned.

Would you like to lend your time and experience to a video on the RANRAIL Channel? Just reach out to JM, or Bob or Steve and pick a day and idea to share by way of video.

Seeya at the Titans of Transportation Train Show this week, info linked here:

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