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Spooky Spike Spectacle - SOMEONE HELP!!!

The fear is real y’all…

And we have our club treasurer, John Crockett to blame… teehee…

John’s wife Dana gave us a bag of “essential spoils” that somehow spilled everywhere last night around midnight…

HELP! Members bring your trains to RUN! RUN AWAY!

And don’t let the following happen to you!

Ashland Ghosts Haunt the Rails

Haunted Trains? Rattles Me Chains! Spooky Spikes? Yikes! Model Railroading Dread? Don’t be Dead or lazy in bed! This Saturday 12-5pm, now open to the public for a Quarterly Seasonal Event, come visit our tracks where your presence is all we lacks! Where? Corner Courtyard of Ashland Hanover Shopping Center nestled between ABC Store and Martial Arts. 🎃👉💀👈🎃

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