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RANTRAK & RAT-TRAK Fantastic at 44th Annual Model Railroad Show

The Science Museum of Virginia’s 44th Annual Model Railroad Show received glowing reviews for multiple entries by Richmond Area NRail.

Viewed by more than 8000 ticketed attendees constricted by Covid constraints, the adoring fans showed no less enthusiasm and appreciation for the railroad gateway to the holidays.

RAT-TRAK was completely renewed from 2020, featuring Todd Blose’s Star Wars Museum Park, Peter Schumann’s Camp Custard, and Jean-Marc (JM) Gadoury’s Hungry Valley and Vanity Fair scenes.

Watch the cab ride view and Editor’s Showstopper Award videos here —>

and here—>

RANTRAK just celebrated its 40th Anniversary as a club which first displayed modules at SMV in 1982. They took center stage underneath the giant video screen this year with a new loop-end “The Valley” by Tom Kaeser.

Watch the featurette video here —>

RANRAIL also displayed a community service project layout known as Green River Station Model Railroad which raised more than $1300 for Ashland’s MidAtlantic Railroad Park. The winning raffle ticket was sold at the SMV Show.

For a look back at this 8-month project, see this video —>

and for the drawing, this one —>

As RANRAIL rolls into 2022, they have so much to admire from 2021. Happy New Year!

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