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Rail Service - Giving IS Living Better

Community Service is defined by “paying it forward”, “giving a little bit back”, “sharing the blessing”, “spreading good cheer” and “making a difference.”

RANTRAK-RANRAIL of the RF&P Model Railroaders launched such a superlative project this month.

Designed to give away a beautiful layout train display just before the 2021 holidays, the Raffle campaign will also raise funds for Ashland, Virginia’s Mid-Atlantic Railroad Park.

This raw inaugural outdoor video was produced just prior to a big thunderstorm that sent the team scrambling early for shelter. And it was released the same week that the new website was published.

Thankfully, in just a few hours, already more than $60 raised from the raffle, and longingly lucky layout recipients registered! The best is yet to come.

Join us each month at Ashland Fourth Fridays to monitor the layout progress and to help us “pitch in” for a better tomorrow.

Click here to watch the team in action.

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